Pay Per Call Cuts the Risks and Costs of Advertising Campaigns

One of the worst things about marketing is all the research, funnel construction, and trial and error. Before the phone ever rings, you’ve got to spend time and money:

  • Researching the target audience’s needs and preferences
  • Finding the best advertising platforms for each ad, whether that’s traditional broadcast media, print or online (or even billboards!)
  • Writing the ads
  • Designing the ads
  • Buying media or ad space
  • Mastering pay per click best practices
  • Split testing

That’s a lot of work and expense – and you’d still have no sales to show for it. It’s also possible that all that time and money could be for nothing, if any of the initial research was “off” or the offer ends up not appealing to the market you have in mind.

Do you want to take these risks all on by yourself? Or would you rather step in for the easy final parts, when you close the deal and fill out that satisfying paperwork that translates directly to cash? If you’re like most companies, you’d prefer the latter.

That’s where a call center partner comes in, allowing you to avoid the intensive research and planning stages, and merely take over once prospects are nice and warm and ready to buy. That’s the main benefit of pay per call marketing, so let’s take a closer look at that now.

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