The cost for using pay per call is easy to predict. You pay every time your sales team talks with a prospect for a designated length of time, called the duration. The duration period varies from situation to situation, but with Digital Market Media, you typically get 1-2 minutes to confirm that the call qualifies. At the end of the duration period, the call becomes billable. By then, the caller has indicated a strong level of interest and shown that they meet your specifications for an ideal customer.


What Counts as a High-Quality Lead?

Not everyone who calls is a fit, of course. There are the tire kickers who radiate interest in a product, ask a ton of questions and make motions toward buying, but never actually do it. There are those who want someone with whom to chat. They don’t care what it’s about – and usually, it’s not about your product.


If that sounds fun, more power to you. Most people, however, would prefer to avoid all that – which is where a call qualification process comes in. By working with a performance marketing partner to buy calls, you can protect your sales team’s bandwidth and morale. After we do the initial qualification, the only people your team ends up speaking with are the ones who are ready to do business. Such leads:

  • Are pre-prepared with information about who you are, what you offer and how you can meet their needs
  • Have an actual need that they are actively looking to overcome at that moment – a need your company can fulfill
  • Have already committed to finding out more and potentially buying by merely picking up the phone and contacting the call center
  • Are open to price quotes, so long as your product or service seems as though it will meet their needs
  • Are ready to make a buying decision sooner than later

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