OfferVault’s Pay Per Call Offers

Through OfferVault’s pay per call offers page publishers can search and sort through the latest and greatest pay per call offers across a wide range of verticals.

This can also be an excellent resource for PPCall beginners, because OfferVault allows them to preview offer inventory before joining a network.

Call Buyers

You are going to need someone to buy your calls.

Without a buyer to send your traffic and pay for those inbound calls you generate; you don’t have a pay per call business.

Creating a Call Buyer Network

A lot of pay per call businesses rely on self-service, managed networks of small buyers.

These buyers can range from a single dentist, insurance, or real estate office, to dozens or even hundreds of offices involved in many different industries.

Call routing and tracking software greatly simplifies the process of scaling from one to hundreds of call buyers in a network.

This allows an aspiring pay per call business owner to focus on business development and finding new clients, rather than building a tech stack from scratch.

Ringba’s Pay Per Call Masterclass features an excellent lesson on creating a call buyer network that can be viewed below or on YouTube.

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