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CallRail – Pay Per Call Tracking For Newbies  

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What is CallRail?

CallRail is a service that tracks and manages your phone leads, helping businesses to determine which marketing campaigns are driving quality leads


How does call Rail work?

How does CallRail work? We instantly procure a tracking phone number that forwards to your main phone number. Your customers dial the new tracking number, we forward the call, and you answer your main phone like you usually do. CallRail gathers statistics, and you can check them online in real-time.


Is CallRail free?

A suite deal: try all CallRail products free for two months | CallRail. Know which marketing efforts inspired your best leads to call. Call, text, and manage all your team's leads from a single unified inbox. Connect each ad, campaign, and keyword to every form submission.


How call tracking works!

  1. Buy phone numbers. Purchase local or toll-free numbers (as many as you'd like).
  2. Designate numbers to channels. Assign a unique phone number to each channel, location or medium you want to track.
  3. Start tracking!

Close Your CallRail Account

Click the Account icon in the top left, then select Account Settings in the My Account panel. Choose Billing from within the Manage list in the left menu. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the link that says I'd like to cancel my account.